Handmade With Love

& a little bit of humour!

Mathieu’s story behind


Irony art is a company that was started by watercolor artist Mathieu Hébert during the COVID-19 pandemic. If pun professional is a thing, this artist sure is one of them!

As far as he can remember, Mathieu alwas had a thing for simple yet really boring jokes. The kind that makes you roll your eyes. The ones that are so not funny you end up laughing anyway...

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Watercolor Cards ı Magnets ı Bookmarks

All Hand Painted

Made individually by the artist, one by one!



Each comes with an eveloppe & is blank inside, so you can write your own message!



Individually laminated for an extra protection, plus with a cord to easily find your page!



Strong & completely sealed, 1 inch wide and can hold up to 4 pages at a time!



These are all unique ornaments to make your holiday season a little bit more artsy!

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Lamèque, NB, Canada

Aloha Café-Boutique

Riverview, NB, Canada

Glass Roots

Halifax, NS, Canada

Jennifer’s of Nova Scotia

Moncton, NB, Canada

The Acorn Studio