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Learn a little bit more about how it all started

The laugh that started it all

Irony art is a company that was started by watercolor artist Mathieu Hébert during the COVID-19 pandemic. If pun professional is a thing, this artist sure is one of them!

As far as he can remember, Mathieu always had a thing for simple yet really boring jokes. The kind that makes you roll your eyes. The ones that are so not funny you end up laughing anyway.

The stroke of genius happened in isolation at home. Thank goodness no one was there while he was trying to find puns to paint. They would have died of laughter (if that's a thing!)

Being a self-taught artist since 2009, he combined two of his passions together to creat a fun twist with his art.

He hopes the world is ready since this punstactic idea ain't going to stop any time soon!